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Add Your Name To The Motörhead Logo With Their New Online Generator


If you love rock music, or hey, the tee shirts that go with the genre, have we got news for you. One of the most recognizable logo’s ever, has to be the one associated with the band Motörhead. Their Motörhead-England logo with the bands infamous ‘Snaggletooth’ WARPIG face in the middle is as rock n roll as it gets. Well, the band, and brand, are giving you a chance to create your very own version of this classic image with the introduction of an online generator that even provides the umlauts — plus, you also have the option to order a custom shirt with your Motörname on it. Cool huh?

By clicking on Motörhead’s new graphics generator, called Umlaut Your Name, you can generate your very own tee, and it really is simple. You just type your name, and the site automatically adds an umlaut and generates the Motörhead logo with your words right below Snaggletooth.

It gets better for you Motörhead fans. The website’s service also has a playlist-creation app called Every Playlist Louder Than Everyone Else.  This allows fans a chance to put together their ultimate Motörhead playlist.

Go on, give it a go.


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