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AC/DC Engineer Mike Fraser Thinks That Axl Rose Tarnished The Band’s Name


In a new interview, AC/DC recording engineer Mike Fraser has said that having Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose to front the band for their 2016 Rock Or Bust Tour tarnished the band’s name.

Rose was chosen to replace Brian Johnson as the singer for the band when Johnson was forced to pull out or risk permanent hearing loss.

Fraser told Mastering Music Mastering Life that he understood why the band made the decision at the time and also believes that Axl did a great job fronting the band but in his heart he also he believes that it “wasn’t AC/DC” and to him “It was just a band going through the motions, AC/DC’s never been that band.”

Fraser talked about the band’s decision to chose Axl: “I get it; they had commitments to finish a tour and, you know, Angus [Young] and the rest of AC/DC thought Axl was the one. As a fan, I don’t like that choice, but I get it.” Adding: “I think Axl did an amazing job, especially with some of the older stuff that they don’t usually do. And Axl’s got that higher range. To me, though, it kind of tarnished – in my opinion – the AC/DC name.”


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