Professional entertainer Kate Catalina is internationally known for her work as a composer, dancer, and journalist.

In 2013, Kate’s debut EP Boneyard Gypsy was released. Produced by Bruce Bennett, the tracks feature world-renowned violinist Paul Mercer, and percussionist Davis Petterson. Currently she lives in Chicago, IL where she works as a studio musician and offers her sultry vocals to alternative rock group Superbig, as well as with punk rock group Green Denim.

As a dancer, Kate has most notably trained with Laura Young of Boston Ballet, soloist Dana Wise of Colorado Ballet, and performed with Cirque du Soleil choreographer Henry Graham, who (in 2005) appeared on FOX network’s So You Think You Can Dance? As a featured dancer, Kate travels to Las Vegas where she works as a professional showgirl performing at and hosting private celebrity events. She has been on stage with the likes of Rob Zombie, Steel Panther, and many more.

At sixteen, Kate began touring as a rock journalist. Having been compared to the characters of Penny Lane and William Miller in the 2000 filmAlmost Famous by Lucy Walsh, and Tommy Lee, she was personally encouraged by writer/director Cameron Crowe to work with Rolling Stone Magazine. After maintaining a short relationship with music editor Jason fine and chief executive Kevin O’Donell who took her under their wings, she wrote her first book One Of The Lucky One’s which was published in 2011 under the mentorship of NYT book reviewer George Stade. In 2013 she graduated from Exeter College at Oxford University with a certificate in creative writing.

Today she is known within the entertainment industry as the modern day Pamela Des Barres, whose celebrity manifested by her title as the first groupie and thrives today through her personal accounts of life on the road in her book I’m With The Band, which also served as inspiration for the character Penny Lane in Crowe’s film Almost Famous.

Kate Catalina is currently working on her second book and tours with rock bands as a journalist and merchandise sales manager.