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A Cardboard Fender Stratocaster You Can Really Shred


Here at Rock My World, we love guitars so much. That’s why we have been running a competition to win a Gibson Les Paul or a Fender Stratocaster. Well, check this out, Fender has just given its famous Fender Stratocaster an unbelievable makeover.card sq

In a quite brilliant twist, a packaging company has joined forces with the guys over at Fender to create a playable Stratocaster guitar—made out of cardboard–and players and experts alike are calling it, “badass.”

So good is this cardboard guitar, it has even received the Certificate of Authenticity from Fender, and gained the approval of the rock band, Linkin Park.

This truly remarkable guitar was a joint venture between Ernest Packaging Solutions and Signal Snowboards. Under the moniker Cardboard Chaos. They aim “to push the limits and see how far paper can go.”

Dave Lee, co-founder of Signal Snowboards says: “One of the biggest challenges of this neck is with the strings. It has about 250 lbs of torque on the neck.

“Wood works well for guitars, it always has — but paper? We’ve got a challenge.’

Matching the capabilities of a standard Stratocaster was key. Mike Martinez, of Ernest Packaging, designed a rock solid core from cardboard, closely packing the porous material.

Then, the ultra strong cardboard was hand cut by Fender master builder, Paul Waller.

“We did it, we made a guitar out of cardboard, and I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out,” Waller said.

Then came the real test, and one by one, the experts plugged it in to the amp, and were blown away to discover that the guitar was for real and players could really shred.

“It feels good to me, I’m just blown away, said Sean Silas, Tune/Tester for Jackson guitars.

Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington and lead guitarist Brad Delson had rave reviews after they tested the guitar.

But by far, the biggest test for the new guitar was giving the cardboard Stratocaster to the boys over at the Fender Custom Shop.

“The fact that it plays at all is kind of remarkable, honestly. It’s cardboard” says Dennis Galuszka, Fender master builder, remarking that it sounds like a Strat.

After playing the cardboard guitar, Mike Geoghegan of sales at the Custom Shop agreed, “It’s a Strat.”

From watching the video below we have to agree. Check it out for yourself, right here at Rock My World.

Photos: Youtube: Signalsnowboard/ Fender.

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