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7 Things Drummers Learn to Hate…..


Being a drummer can be hard work, and yes there’s definitely a few perks. After all, we know how to have fun, there are times when things go well and you wish you could just marry your kit and have done with it. And drummers usually top most polls on which musician is considered sexiest (which we all know is a plus).

But, there’s equally as many reasons which will occasionally make you wonder why you chose drums of all instruments. How many of these do you recognize?

Gigging is like Moving House

Drums are big, drums are cumbersome. Your kit is your baby, but setting up your kit, and dismantling your…. Well you get the idea. As such moving the thing, carrying it to and from cars or vans and up and down stairs is a pain. And let’s be honest, how many of us can say our bandmates really helped with this properly…… if you have a dedicated singer you will resent him/her more than anyone in the planet during this part of the gig.

Sound Checks Blow!


Guitarists get to play for a few minutes and they’re done. Same for the singer.

You on the other hand…well, prepare to sit down for the next 30 minutes and tap the drums one by one repeatedly over and over and over and over…….

Then you get to play for 2 minutes and back to waiting to start…. Oh, the fun…. Oh and heaven forbid you have an unorthodox kit set up and the sound tech’s in a bad mood. Apparently, you’re now the devil…..

The Expense is Never Over


There’s always something to replace on the kit, whether it’s skins, sticks, a cymbal that’s cracked (yes it makes us want to cry when this happens too) the drums keep on eating your money like a broken vending machine. Oh yer, did we mention none of these things are cheap… well sticks aren’t too bad, but everything else…..

If the guitarist ever moans about the price of strings again you’ll hit him with his amp….

Drummer Jokes Aren’t Funny…..


Drums take just as long to master as any instrument, just because most of the band can manage a basic 4/4 doesn’t make them all as good as The Rev, hell it doesn’t even make them Ringo. We don’t assume because we can play Wonderwall that we’re Hendrix.

The point is that things like “What do you call a guy who hangs around with musicians? A drummer…” isn’t that funny. And secondly when your failed guitarist type bassists tell them without a leg to stand on it’s just puzzling.

Everyone Wants to Paw at Your Gear


Did we mention drums are expensive? Did we mention that playing them incorrectly means you’re very likely to damage stuff? Ok well, know but you are. People will always want a go. You will spend this time wincing as they’re completely out of time and chipping your sticks to pieces whilst you pray they’re not quite incompetent enough to knock anything over or punch straight through a skin (this has actually happened).

Your Place is Always Trashed

We don’t say this because drums are big, although finding a place for them is a pain sometimes, we say this because they’re a pain to move so we do it as little as possible.

That often means practice is at your place. And the day your bandmates don’t descend on your place like a swarm of beer drinking locusts and simply plow through everything you’ve got stocked up you’ll be amazed.

And before anyone says to leave it at someone else’s house. No….. Just NO.

You’ll Judge Every Drummer You See By How Bored He Looks

So you’re watching a local band, the drumbeat is simple, but sounds ok with the song. How do you know if the guy’s capable or just playing the best he can. Well usually if he looks like he’s bored out of his skull it’s a good indicator. Yes, that’s technically a bad performance, but at some point even if he’s trying his best it will show through. You will notice this and instantly feel his pain. It will happen to you at some point. You will be in a band that outvote you into some very boring beats. That’s life.

But Hey, It Could Be Worse, At Least You’re Not The Bassist!


  1. Why do we also not get photographed as much on stage ?
    Guitarists and singers bassists in poses that would be the envy of any band but poor drummer boy at the back just forgotten, he’s probably the most dynamic to photograph anyway!!
    Usually the best looking so what’s going on ??

  2. After 43 years of drumming, Setting up and tearing down, load and unload wears me out! Just the thought turns my stomach!!!!!

    • This is why we have children, teach them and raise their allowance per performance….worked for me and made them happy dad is a drummer.

  3. Well…most drummers i know play multiple instruments …so the hang out with musicians joke is not accurate at all…I know some drummers who blow their own guitarists away at their own instrument. Most drummers also supply the PA…we give more and get less at every turn…so mich disrespect. I’ve written and recorded many songs on my own completely playing every Instrument and singing too…not many “musicians ” can say that.

    • In addition to the drums I either play or have played piano, clarinet, mandolin, and am learning the bass guitar. But I’m “just the drummer.” LOL!

    • That’s very cool Eric and Jobe. I’m a bass player who also plays drums, guitar, a little keys. Write and record my own tracks. I actually supply the practice space and half the PA but my drummer supplies the van. So neither one of us ever gets to miss a gig move. Solo project stuff here: http://www.johnband.com

  4. How can you tell if a lead singer is at your door?
    He can’t find the key, and he doesn’t know when to come in.

  5. You forgot that when any of the other members train wreck a song the first thing the rest of the band does is turn around and look at the drummer…..like it was his fault. Just because they don’t want to look the people whom they just screwed up in front of in the eye. I’ll stop and make an announcement which one screwed up if you all start looking at me….lol

  6. Yeah well when the other dudes decide to crop dust you during a gig is just wrong. You have nowhere to go and the riser is higher so that shit rises, just wrong. I now and then bring a big ass container of tic tacs and spit em at the back of their melons. Hey ya gotta have fun to.

  7. If we were to get the recognition we deserve, we may become diva’s. So keep fighting the good fight, the diva’s need us.

  8. Failed guitarist as a Bassist-?…nahh .. i started on trumpet and went to bass at 11 after i saw those big 15″ speakers cranking all that low-end out of my moms Hammond organ— said BASS IS THE TICKET! We steer the band. Doesnt matter what key the guitar is playing, if im playing G, and hes not– he just wont be heard. We have the lowest frequencies, biggest speakers biggest strongest amp….and you’ll never drown us out ! Lol…. actually, …love drummers…my faves are the ones that have been marching band trained on snare.. with their paradiddles and quadradiddles…when youve played with a totally trained drummer, as a bassist, your spoiled for life! Crisp snare sound and Technique, rock solid time meter! Marching band drummers!!! 🙂

  9. My bugbear is when I’m trying to load out of the gig to put my gear in to my car.

    Idiots stand in the doorway despite me ramming my drums in to them. They don’t move, turn round and look at you with a stupid grin and make s comment on this being the hardest part of the night.


  10. Have you noticed that if anything goes wrong, Automatically it’s the Drummers fault!!!!! On a Serious level! Especially when the Guitarist kicks the song off! He set the tempo and We still get blamed! Really!!!!!!

    • Had a teacher in band class that floated around the district …he often said “there’s nothing dummer than a drummer”. He was a drummer mainly and missing a finger …none of us understood the joke. 35 years later I blew off a few fingers …I get the joke now ; )


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