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7 Of The Best: Forgotten Emo Masterpieces


Here is a selection of some of the best Emo songs that time forgot.

1: Saves The Day – At Your Funeral

Founded in 1994, Saves The Day were one of the key bands of the then underground emo scene. Their brilliant 2002 single ‘At Your Funeral’ was not only the band’s biggest ever hit, but helped pave the way for an entire new generation of emo artists.


2: Brand New – Sic Transit Gloria…Glory Fades

Keen to move away from the more clean-cut pop rock stylings of their earlier records, Brand New delivered one of the best album openers in recent music history with their dark, angst ridden track Sic Transit Gloria. The song features a brilliant call and response vocal from frontman Jesse Lacey, and contains one of the first examples of the modern emo ‘breakdown’ bridge section.


3: The Used – The Taste of Ink

One of the earliest tracks produced by the brilliant John Feldman, ‘The Taste of Ink’ marks another key moment in emo’s transition into the mainstream. Following the song’s release, The Used went from a relatively unknown band to one of the most talked about acts of 2003, and the world got its first taste of the enigmatic Bert McCracken.


4: Taking Back Sunday – One-Eighty By Summer

Taking Back Sunday will undoubtedly by remembered for their hit songs ‘Cute Without The E’ and ‘MakeDamnSure’; however, the band may have missed a trick by failing to release this killer track as a lead single. Featured on TBS’s 2004 album ‘Where You Want To Be’, ‘One-Eighty by Summer’ is an absolute anthem, and is fondly remembered by emo fans worldwide.


5: Coheed and Cambria – Three Evils

Coheed and Cambria were one of the more progressive bands of the emo scene, and eventually transitioned into a more metal / post-hardcore act. The band’s 2003 album ‘In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3’ is now viewed as one of the pioneering records of the ‘new prog’ genre; however, the record also contained some undeniable flashes of emo excellence. This is one of them.


6: Hawthorne Heights – Ohio Is For Lovers

Hawthorne Heights’ ‘Ohio Is For Lovers’ is one of the many one hit wonders of the emo era, yet it could be argued that the track had a more profound impact on the genre than any other song. Although it may seem like a satirical emo spoof by todays standards, ‘Ohio Is For Lovers’ marked the moment that emo first became associated by long fringes, eyeliner and self harm.


7: Jimmy Eat World – Bleed American

Its hard to pinpoint the exact moment that emo first started to make an impact on popular culture, yet some fans may remember flicking through the music channels back in 2001, and finding this little ditty buried amongst an endless flood of Linkin Park, Marlyn Manson and Staind. Regardless of what came after, ‘Bleed American’ was one of the most original rock songs of its era – which is probably why it still stands up today. A true cult classic.

Have any great memories of these songs?…. Think we’ve left out any emo classics?

Leave us a comment with your suggestions.


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