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7 Alternative Rock Bands you Need to Hear


Here are 7 alternative rock bands we think you should be listening to:

Bambara – New York, USA

Drifting somewhere in the margins between post-punk and alternative rock, Bambara have left obscurity and are heading for the mainstream. The band channels the soul and essence of early Nick Cave, mixed with Wall of Voodoo, and other classic post-punk, new wave artists.

Their new album, Stray, has dispensed with some of the noise found on their earlier work in favour of slick production, catchy riffs, and clever lyrics. 

Viagra Boys, Stockholm, Sweden

In the context of this article, the Viagra Boys (pictured in the cover photo of this article) could be described as Bambara’s mentally ill brothers. Poetic absurdity runs wild through the music of Viagra Boys, with songs about drug abuse, insanity and sexual depravity, all mixed up with obscurely presented social criticism. The songs are supported by equally absurd music videos that leave one wanting more!

Their sound is post-punk with a bluesy twist and is catchy as hell. The band released their debut album, Street Worms, in 2018 and are currently on a world tour.

The Murder Capital, Dublin, Ireland

The Murder Capital is yet another band coming out of the current wave of post-punk revival. From Dublin, Ireland, the band sings about the dire state of the city’s social services, the lack of housing, the consequent homelessness, and the proliferation of mental health problems and suicide, all happening while the city builds one hotel after another. 

Given the themes being dealt with the music is suitably dark and brooding, capturing the sprit of Joy Division or PJ Harvey.

Loathe, Liverpool, UK

As a hybrid mishmash of heavy metal, technical metal, melodic metal, and progressive rock, Loathe are hard to define. Their sound spans several sub-genres without ever touching the ground. The end result is something wonderful and fresh that always catches you off guard. You need to listen to more than one song if you want to understand this band.

Jonestown Aloha – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hailing from the Amsterdam underground scene, Jonestown Aloha are a group of Dutch squatters with a passion for distorted guitars, raucous, pounding drums, and catchy tunes. Its alternative rock with a punk twist.

The band swept to the top of the underground music scene in Amsterdam and are now hovering on the brink of bigger things. While currently releasing music on their own independent label, there are rumours of interest from established independents. 

Asylums – Southend, UK

Like Jonestown Aloha, Asylums also began by putting out music on their own label, Cool Thing Records. Now the band has just finished recording an album with legendary audio engineer Steve Albini and have been touring in support of Iggy Pop.

The music is like Weezer with a touch more grunge and a good dollop of pop punk attitude.

Dinosaur Pile-Up

Think Red Hot Chili Peppers meets Audioslave. Dinosaur Pile-Up, now boasting a major label deal, are on the verge of big things. Their grungy sound comes complete with funky interludes and moments when the vocals veer into rap.

We’re always looking for new music. Please share the names of any up and coming or little known alt rock bands you think we should listen to. Thanks!


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