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Watch The Incredible Reaction Of An Autistic Boy Watching Coldplay


An incredible video has gone viral of a young autistic boy’s beautiful reaction to seeing his favourite band Coldplay play live for the very first time.

The footage was shared via YouTube by his father, Luis, and shows the boy truly overcomeAUTISM SQ with joy as he watches Coldplay perform the band’s hit “Fix You” live at Mexico City’s Foro Sol stadium.

The young boy is seen swinging between singing, dancing, and burying his head in his hands as he tries to take on board all of the emotions he is feeling.

His father, Luis, carried along by his son’s reaction, begins to cry himself, pressing his son’s head to his as he lovingly sings the song’s words to him.

The power of social media’s reach is such that Coldplay has also come across the video and has posted it on the band’s official Twitter page with the words: “This kind of thing makes it all worthwhile …Hola Luis y tu hijo hermoso! love cgwj&p”.

As of now the video footage has been viewed more than 1.7 million times on YouTube.

Music and autism have always had a strong connection, and providing music therapy for children with autism can be incredibly rewarding.

Professor and director of Music Therapy at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College Dr. Tracy Richardson explained: “What is exciting is that music is often ‘the thing’ that reaches a child with autism, and connects him or her to others. It is not just a way to shape or control ‘behaviors’ but it is a way to reach in to the essence of that child and say ‘Here I am! Let’s be together in the music!’” According to Richardson: “Children with autism often have an affinity for music. A child might have a song that he sings to calm himself or perhaps he has a type of music (such as Disney songs) that he is drawn to. Because of this, music therapists have a natural and often non-threatening avenue for communication with that child. A child may sing words that she will not speak, which then is the start of communication between the child and music therapist. If I sing ‘Old MacDonald had a farm….E I E I…’ the child may respond with ‘O’ (if this is a song she is familiar with). It takes little effort for her to respond, and the structure of the music makes it easy to do so.”

The power of music is undeniable and you only need to see the young boy’s reaction in the video to see that music touches the soul and can reach a place inside us that otherwise might not be reached.

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