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6 Acts to Watch in 2016


Making predictions is always a tricky business, but here are 6 predictions that are guaranteed to come true. Absolutely and undoubtedly! During 2016 the following 6 acts will certainly rise to stardom (indie rock stardom that is). These are the ones to watch!

  1. Hinds (originally Deers) – This four-piece lo-fi Spanish garage rock band had been getting plenty of attention this year. Though forced to change their name due to the threat of legal action the band has not lost their fan base. Their highly anticipated new album ‘Leave Me Alone’ is due to be released on January 8th 2016.


  1. Get Inuit – Coming from Kent, the band describes their sound as ‘dirty pop’. It’s a fairly apt label given the catchy melodies and distorted guitars that distinguish their music. The song Electrify captures this combination and the synergy it produces perfectly. Heavy, almost grungy guitars give a dark edge to the high pitch vocals while drums and bass drive the song forward. Having released a collection of well-received EP’s, including the lastest ‘Luge Lessons’, the band is well overdue an LP and a hit single.


  1. Hippo Campus – Also boasting a fresh new EP, ‘South’, Hippo Campus are also fit for putting out an LP some day soon. My prediction is that 2016 will be the year of the Hippo. Easy listening melodies galore, these guys make pop music with guitars.



  1. Slutface – Eye-catching name combined with catchy tunes spells success in my books. Perhaps not one for longevity, but some cheap thrills will certainly be had in the company of Slutface. Originating from Stavanger, Nowary, Slutface began in 2012 and built a fan base in both Norway and the UK. Their initial release in 2013 was titled, ‘Find your Inner Slut’ and now, in 2015 we have been gifted their debut single, ‘Shave Your Head’. The Album is coming…


  1. The Big Moon (formerly The Moon) – A London based quartet whose current line-up came together only a year ago, The Big Moon are probably the most exciting prospect on this list. Their debut single, ‘Sucker’, was released in June, followed by Nothing Without You, which was released on 30th October. The singles give a tantalising impression of what is to come. The Big Moon is about to break into the big time.


  1. Hannah Lou Clark –Though unlikely to release any number 1 hits, 2016 promises to be a good year for Hannah Lou Clark. Listen to this edgy singer-song writer’s song ‘Silent Type’ and tell me it isn’t reminiscent of P. J. Harvey.





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