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5 Youtube Dummers You NEED To Follow


drum1Sometimes you can‘t pay for all the lessons you’d like, and sometimes you just want a few new ideas. We’re profiling the best of free Youtube lessons. Most of these guys do offer paid courses as well, but they also give a lot away for free. Most of these assume that you already know the basics, but don’t expect you to be a pro. Don’t worry if you’re a complete novice though, we’ve thrown one channel in here that will help you out too.


OnlineDrummer is for intermediate drummers, most of the stuff isn’t too hard to play and his lessons generally give you some interesting ideas to go and play around with for a good half an hour.
Most of the lessons assume you that you know the basics of technique and some are harder than others. OnlineDrummer.com also offers a ton of useful resources for drummers including sheet music and fill ideas.


Drumeo starts right at the basics, but there are some more advanced lessons, the channel has a ton of subscribers and has a large following. Jared Falk can sometimes be a little too “enthusiastic” for British audiences, but he’s giving you lessons for free so don’t complain. Added to which Sean Lang’s metal lessons are overall some of our favourites on youtube.

Mike Johnstone

Mike Johnstone is probably our favourite here, and offers lots of fun ideas to play around with. His paid course is where he gets down to the nitty gritty, but if you’re looking to get new ideas to play around with every week or so, you should definitely be following this guy. This channel is more useful for intermediate to advanced players. He describes it himself as “drummer porn” and that’s quite a good description.

Music College TV

This channel is ideal for the novice drummer, they take everything nice and slow and break everything down into small and easy exercises. It’s great if you’re just starting off.

Adam Tuminaro

Adam has a good presentation style and runs through his lessons quite quickly. A few of the techniques he describes as advanced may sometimes be considered intermediate. But, again this is a great channel for the intermediate drummer to learn a few new fills and techniques.

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