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5 Nu Metal Bands You’ve Not Heard of Yet


With the genre on the verge of making a come back, we went out and discovered 5 new nu metal bands you’ve probably not heard of yet but should hear as soon as possible. Ok, if you’ve been following our up and coming interview series you may have now heard a few of these, or if you’re really keeping up, but we bet there’s at least one you’ve missed.

Dropout Kings

Recently signed to independent record label Napalm Records, the six piece group Dropout Kings from Phoenix, Arizona, combine hip-hop and metal in a way that is both interesting and original. With fast-flowing raps, dynamic song structures, and nu metal’s customary intensely screamed vocals, Dropout Kings will satisfy your taste for nu metal without sounding too much like anyone you already know.

Expressing the typical self-confidence of a nu metal band, the Dropout Kings aspire to “take over the world with nu metal” and claim to have come “from absolutely nothing to bring you the jams you NEED to hear.” With their debut album, AudioDope, now available, you can decide if you agree.

Charcoal Tongue

Charcoal Tongue offers a dark, edgy nu metal sound comparable to that of Korn’s early work. Formed in 2015, the band is now signed to Spinefarm Records and released their debut album back in 2017. Titled 48 Hours: Monster in the Mirror, much of the album deals with frontman Chris Mora’s personal struggle with depression.

The band boasts an impressive use of dynamics and an eerie, unearthly quality to their sound that we will keep you captivated.


Hailing from Brownsville, Texas, Add1ction is a four piece nu metal band that incorporates rap-rock elements. Currently unsigned, the band has self-produced two records, Point of No Return and Add1ction Nation.

Like nu metal superstars Linkin Park, the band combines rapping with intense, throaty vocals. Yet while the band is evidently heavily influenced by Linkin Park, they bring their own energy to the music and have produced high quality, well-written songs that stand alone. We’ve got an interview with these guys if you want to know a bit more about add1ction here.

Dirty Machine

Situated on the heavy metal end of the nu metal spectrum, Dirty Machine is an LA-based group that formed in 2012. The band’s heavy, chunky sound is more reminiscent of Korn than Linkin Park, yet with poppier vocals and more typical song structures.

According to the band, their live shows are so full of energy they are “like a rocket launching to space”. We’ve yet to confirm this claim. Learn more about the dirty machine guys in this interview here.

Darke Complex

Another new nu metal band from Spinefarm Records worth exposing your ears to is Darke Complex. More in the vein of Linkin Park than Korn, Darke Complex offers a pure nu metal sound that fans of the genre will enjoy. Using a combination of rap and melodic, switching to screaming vocals, combined with the usual crunchy guitar riffs and heavy drums, Darke Complex transports you back to the year 2000 while giving you something new to listen to.

If you know a new nu metal band worth listening to then please share the name in the comments below. We’d love to know what else is out there!



  1. just to name a few. some bands been out for awhile but deff deserve recognition. DED. Cane Hill. Desasterkids. Afterlife. Burried Crosses. I Prevail. Guillotines. My Enemies And I. Sylar. XIII.

    • Well if we do a follow on commenters edition you’ve just done half my job for me 😉

      But, in fairness there were a few other guys we considered as well. And to be honest I probably would’ve listed Desasterkids if I’d remembered them when putting it together. A few there just didn’t make it for being too well known, although I guess the same argument could be made for Dropout Kings as a minimum.

      Maybe a top 5 new nu metal bands you might have (but may not have) heard yet list is in order 🙂

  2. Friend of mine told me about the band Killset. Saw them live at the Whiskey a go go with some other bands and she was right! I was blown away.


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