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5 More Guitars That Make You Wonder…. Why?!?


So, if you’ve been keeping up with our weird instruments series you’ll know we’ve already done one piece on weird guitars. Well we’ve dug up some more. So, enjoy the head scratching whilst you wonder who really wanted this?

Harp Guitars In General

We know there’s a lot of these out there, so somebody must be buying them. And maybe it’s not a “why?” in this case, but they’re still odd.

Lego Guitars 

Honestly, there’s loads of these that people have made so many that we could’ve had enough for their own piece. There’s no way these things are going to sound good. We suppose if you love both Lego and guitars, making a lego guitar is probably not the worst pet project. But, it’s not something that we’ll ever understand.

Mermaid Guitar

So, it seems nobody told this guitars maker that the positioning of the neck is a little, shall we say, unusual for the female model that the rest of it emulates.

Love Heart 3 Neck Guitar

Ermmm, yeh, this thing is weird and perhaps has one neck too many. Again there’s weirder out there. But still the love heart guitar is something of an oddity.

The Powder Puff Zee Guitar

An unusual guitar designed for…. ok we don’t know why it’s furry either. Maybe in case you love your guitar so much that you want to cuddle it at night?

So, that’s a wrap on part 2 of our collection of strange guitars. Feel free to add any we’ve missed and they could well make it into part 3.


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