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5 Crazy Drum Kits From Around The Web


So, we know you guys like checking out weird instruments, at least if our facebook stats are anything to go by, so we’ve scoured the web to find you 5 of the weirdest drum kits floating round. There will be a part 2 for this list so if you’ve not seen something it may well be coming in the next one, that said, we’re all ears for suggestions. 


I think the idea of these was to be super compact drum kits for live use. I’m just really not sure that it’s going to get a great sound and let’s be honest, they look just a little daft. Starting at over $1000 I’m not sure it’s worth the asking price of a mid range v drum set.

Trixton Speedfire

No the bass drum hasn’t melted, the idea was that by attaching two separate pedals you could get two different pitch sounds. Downside, it looks like someone deflated your bass drum. They didn’t catch on, although I’ve got a soft spot for this one.

Wine Barrel Drum Kit

OK, I do love this one, and you’ll have seen it on our Facebook. The wine barrel drum kit is genius. We have no idea how it sounds though.

The Ice Drums

Mediocre viral video attempt for the ice hotel, but pretty cool, pun was not intended… honestly only noticed this in the proofing… But, the set looks awesome and aside from the fact the cymbals smash in one hit, actually sounds alright. Check them out below.

These weird things by Ischer 

Ok, so we’re not 100% the company is even called Ischer, other than going off an old thread on the pearl forum. The company seems to have disappeared. Guess this wasn’t too popular. We assume it must’ve had an interesting sound, so if anyone knows where we can find a video let us know!


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