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3 Things Every Good Frontman Needs to Know How to Do


How to catch a beer thrown by a fan while crowd surfing

coffey catches beer

Nothing is cooler than casually catching, and then drinking, a fast moving cup of beer while being carried by your adoring fans. Crowd-surfing-beer-cup-catching is an essential skill that every frontman needs to master before he is really ready to front the band.

How to bite the head off a live bat onstage


Ozzy did it, so now you do too if you want to be a frontman. You’re not getting close to that mic unless you can prove you’ve bitten the head off at least three practise bats before hand. Bat decapitation is a crucial skill for all world-class frontmen to master.


How to Perform a Spectacular Jump


As a frontman you’re going to need to know how to jump. Whether it’s from a stack of speakers, into the drummer and his precious kit or jumping straight into the crowd, you gotta’ get it right. You won’t have time to think and if you want to make it look impressive you definitely can’t hesitate…


And if you get it wrong you’re going to look like a right idiot…



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