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Black Star Riders Way In On America’s Gun Culture….


In a recent interview about their new album Black Star Riders frontman and guitarist Scott and Ricky, talked about American gun laws, and why there needs to be change.

Asked what’s their favourite track on the new album, both the frontman and guitarist concurred that it was ‘Why Do You Love Your Guns?’. They went on to say that whilst they’re not really a political band they do have issues with the current states of play around gun laws in the USA. And went on to bemoan those who support the USA’s gun culture.

Ricky went on to say “A lot of these guys (gun owners) quote the Second Amendment. And it’s funny that they can quote the Second Amendment, but they can’t quote any other amendment. (shakes fist) ‘It’s my God given right, it’s the Second Amendment!’ “

It seems Scott’s views were a little more extreme in that he states ideally he’d just “take them all away” in the black star riders mans words.

Bands a politics is always something of a risky mix (unless you’re specifically political as a genre) as you are almost certainly going to divide your fan base. Especially with something that divides so many people as the gun debate in the states.

Watch the full interview below.


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