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The Day Sabbath Played Under Their New Name


A piece of metal history has surfaced online. 50 years ago yesterday, August 1st, saw Metal legends Black Sabbath play under the name that was to launch the band to Metal gods.

The band had played previously as Earth, but on Aug. 1st, 1969, the band played at The Pokey Hole blues club in Frog Street, Lichfield, England, with their new name Black Sabbath.

The celebrate Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi, Bill Ward and Geezer Butler’s introduction to the music world as Sabbath, fans took to social media sharing the flier handed out for the show. What’s interesting here is that even though it was the first Black Sabbath show, the band changed their name after the pamphlets were printed, so the fliers said Earth.

As posted on Reddit, one user said: “While arguably the genre was born a month or so earlier at Sabbath’s rehearsal rooms at Newtown Community Centre in Aston, the gig at The Pokey Hole was the first time it had ever been heard by the public.”

Check out the flyer below:


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