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2016: Hottest Records Still To Be Released


Now we’re well over half way through the year lets take a look at some of the most highly anticipated albums still to be released in 2016.

M.I.A – A.I.M (September 9)

Whatever your thoughts on M.I.A, the singer songwriter is guaranteed to make headlines with her upcoming record. Although it is not known if her 2015 hit ‘Borders’ will feature on the new album, there will no doubt be a fair amount of controversy surrounding it   …..and probably a few interesting dancy hip hop beats.

warpaint1Warpaint – Heads Up (September 23)

Warpaint have been on the up and up since dropping their debut album ‘The Fool’ back in 2010. This superb girl group may not get the same amount of press as some of their contemporaries but they are certainly a force to be reckoned with. Expect something as funky as the Chilis with a heartbreaking Dusty Springfield edge.


Pixies – Head Carrier  (September 30)

Its rare for a band who have been around as long as the Pixies to still make relevant, interesting music. 2014’s ‘Indie Cindy’ may not have been worth the 13 year wait, but it had some uncompromisingly cool tunes and we’re expecting more of the same from ‘Head Carrier’.frankocean4

Frank Ocean – Boys Don’t Cry (November ?)

Frank Ocean has been teasing the world about this album for over a year, and we’re still not sure about the exact date it will drop! Ocean has definitely shone through a fairly boring cloud of contemporary R&B music over the last few years, and hopefully will continue to demonstrate his brilliance with Boys Don’t Cry. This is a potential album of the year.


Brand New – TBA

Brand New are alleged to be releasing a follow up to 2009’s ‘Daisy’ later in the year. Brand New had an edge that separated them from many of their Emo contemporaries. They were to Emo what Deftones were to Nu Metal. We’re hoping this one doesn’t fall under the radar.

Guns N’ Roses – TBA

This one is a bit of a stretch. Axl Rose has dropped a few hints about an upcoming album this year but it is yet to be confirmed. Still if it does come out, you heard it here first!

Lets just hope nobody has uttered the phrase ‘Chinese Democracy: Part 2’.

ladygaga3Lady Gaga – TBA

This one already has people starting to get excited. Gaga’s last outing was 2014’s ‘Cheek To Cheek’, an album of jazz standards in collaboration with Tony Bennett. This time we’re expecting a return to her dance pop roots with Mark Ronson taking the reigns as lead producer. There is even a rumour that Tame Impala frontman Kevin Parker may appear on the new record.

U2 – Songs of Experience

U2’s upcoming album is said to be a sister record to their last release 2014’s ‘Songs of Innocence’. Bono has also stated that many of the songs that will feature on ‘Songs of Experience’ were already written for the last record, which should give a pretty good indication of whats in store. Probably no surprises here.

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