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12 Things All Bassists Hate


Bass strings are ridiculously expensive

Bass strings are crazily priced. Guitar players will never understand how it feels to have to dish out 20 quid every time you have to replace the strings of your bass. Yeh Yeh, we know they don’t break as often, but that’s really not the point.


No one but other musicians appreciate the importance of the Bass

And even then it can be debatable…. The bass is the most overlooked instrument in the band. Despite being essential for creating a full sound, most people only pay attention to the guitar and vocals. Hell even the drummer gets more attention…


That Damn Meme

Why have I been sent this 50 times……



Everyone assumes you’re laid back and boring

A frankly ridiculous stereotype has emerged that casts us bassists as laid back and boring. Everyone assumes the drummer is wild and crazy and that the guitarist and vocalist are both charming womanisers and, for some reason, that bassists are always dull! As with number 2, we bassists are once again considered unimportant.



Bass amps are inevitably way heavier than guitar amps

Lugging around heavy amps is the bane of every bassist’s life. And the drummer has the cheek to moan about hauling his gear, we get it you have to go back and forth a lot, but it weighs nothing…. And whereas a guitarist can often get away with a relatively inexpensive set up for small gigs, that just isn’t going to cut it…. Your stack is inevitably going to rob you blind.  That’s if you can ever find a store that stocks what you’re looking for so you can try it before buying…..


Where’s the Bass Section?

Yup, we all know this one. I get it music store owners, you sell less bass related products, so you stock less, but seriously I’d just once like to walk into a store and have even half the options a guitarist has. Just once…..



Guitarists, the more around the worse it is

Not that I want to perpetuate any unfair stereotypes, but prima donna guitar players are the WORST! Constantly turning themselves up, complaining and playing endless, boring solos. And if there are two of them in the band you can pretty much forget it.

That said, a prima donna that can play is certainly better to have than the classic guitard who really isn’t that great, but thinks that not only is he Hendrix, but he’s Wooten too, despite not having the skills of Pete Wentz… (and in fairness he could be given a bullet point all of his own).



Guitarists not having a clue about what key they are in

This follows on from number 5, no guitarist, ever, in the history of guitar players has ever known what key he or she is playing in (well ok maybe one or two, we think we’ve met 1). And no, this is not stereotyping this is a fact! Just watch the confusion spread across their face when you ask them to tell you.



Everyone assumes it’s easy to play

People always assume the bass is an easy instrument, a fall back for those not talented enough to play a guitar. Simply not true. Though the bass is easier to pick up the learning curve is much steeper.

steep-learning-curveBloody fingertips

And, of course, we all hate having bloody fingertips from playing for too long. It’s rumoured that Flea from the Chili Peppers once played so hard during a concert that he had a hole is his finger, which he filled with super glue so that he could keep playing. Insane.


Part Time Soundtechs 

To be fair with this one, not all are bad, but damnit if I get turned down to an inaudible drone one more time, because the part time sound guy doesn’t actually know what he’s doing….


And Lastly The DAMN DRUMMER!

There’s quite a few things I could say here, but the short version is.

  • Stick to a beat
  • Fills don’t need to be EVERYWHERE!


Did we miss anything? Let us know 🙂 


    • haha that one may have been a bit spicy 😛

      Would probably have been good for getting the comment section going though


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